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Berita Mula - RM0


A news caster updates on her current uncertain state of mind.

A performative piece on the fatigue around the surge of news and updates after the first introduction of the Restriction Movement Order in Malaysia. @mulazine

Tired of the news?

Here's another update! 'Berita Mula - Rm0' from visual artist @dhanilliani centers around the contemplative - reflective time period of RM0 (Restrictive Movement Order). Under RM0 conditions, everything is at a halt, pushing us to deal with things we've been avoiding, procrastinating or just haven't had the time to manage or deal with internally.


Afterall, nak lari kemana lagi?


To cultivate and usher spring 'inside', Dhani interviews her green friends for answers, mirroring her experience and thoughts through RM0

The surge of news, updates and services working virtually and online, entails the change into adapting to a completely new norm making the consumption of information saturated and increasingly overwhelming.

Full version of the news report on @mulazine


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