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Bunga Garang

Bunga Garang is performance visually inspired by a digital art piece by artist Heroshi Nakyamera.

Waspada! hati hati! Angry female ahead! Awas!

Dhani presents a female entity manifested from subtle rage and frustration towards normalized misogyny, which fights and confronts against misogynistic views and female slurs,

Using a frying pan as a tennis racket , which is a comedic take on the stereotypical view of women belonging in the kitchen, but instead of cooking she uses it as a weapon.

The performance is interactive as well, as the tennis balls are for the audience to scribble on any misogynistic slurs or degrading views they have/had/heard of women which are then thrown in the direction of the ‘entity’ in which she’ll justly smash back with the frying pan like a tennis racket in the direction of the scribbler.

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