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Dera Deria

‘Dera Deria’

(Torture the Senses)

a live performance paired with artist Yasmin Lazuli @bihnti did last year at @balaisenivisualnegara for Festival Anak Muda.

embodying a state of mental health, mainly focusing on the personal and quiet battle in suffering from anxiety and depression.

All the elements in the performance portray the mind, with the exception of Dhan, the subject who plays the one plagued with the condition. Lazuli, plays the manifestation of the mind’s negative influence, the bubbles which were mixed with black coloring portrayed negative corrupted thoughts, slowly staining dhani's all white ensemble with every blow

the hammer embodied a tool that answers to the way the subject's mind's chooses to counter the thoughts, both an overblown protective measure to show paranoia and hypervigilance also at its contrast, showing willpower and how at its simplest, can just easily be a hammer to a harmless bubble.


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