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Arus Binti - Kobis Merah


Experimental Art Film

The second installment the short film series, Arus Binti

Exhibited at Gudskul, Jakarta & Kersan Foundation Art, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

"Arus Binti - Documents The experience and observation in the growth of the female energy, diving into the fluidity of identity and touching subtly on the becoming of a woman in her country’s (Malaysia's) cultural and social aspects. "

‘Kobis Merah’ is a short visual poetry film that presents relatable scenes and scenarios of menstruating with hints of the relationship dynamics that girls in secondary school have amongst each other growing.

The film is paired with a short poem versing on what a girl’s body and mind goes through, bringing in the beautifully awkward and almost confusing process of blooming into womanhood, conveyed through the reddening of a cabbage that comes to resemble a rose.

Special thanks to the team and the girls!

Directed by Dhan Illiani Yusof

Videographer @yazeidoshinji

Color Grading @shahazman

Sound @unaaz99

Assists @laiciboi


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