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Rhohani - Dhani x Marishka x WAO

Dhani x Marishka - Rhohani Featured piece.

A month-long interactive project by Malaysian visual artist Dhan Illiani Yusof, featuring a collaboration with artist Marishka Soekarna (@drawmama) from Indonesia-Germany, in partnership with Women’s Aid Organization to help raise funds for their initiatives that provide free shelter, counseling, and crisis support to women and children.

Rhohani stems from the concept of being defined by people. Encompassed visually, the collaboration piece with artist Marishka leans more on capturing the constantly assumed narrative of a woman even to a point of overriding the existence of a woman’s personal stance and her voice herself. This piece focuses on the lack of authority in the female autonomy, translated in both artists Dhani and Marishka being ‘trapped’ in the end piece, Dhani through what is painted and perceived of her physically and Marishka filling in the consciousness and psyche aspect of being in the piece. Overall an image of constraintment in mind, body, and soul.

Rhohani is a piece that engages its readers- participants to assume a character in the vaguely guided scenario – storyline where they are required to paint an abstract portrait of Dhani’s roh (soul) (the artist) with a twist at the end.

The story in the piece conceptually embodies the process of how people subconsciously form a preconceived mental image of a person they meet or know, forming a concept and narrative of the person they meet that lives separately from the person itself, creating endless alternate versions of one another.

The download template is shared once participants make a donation to WAO.

More details of the art initiative and collaborating on @mulazine


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