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Gadis Saksama Project

A project that dives into various facets of identity through conceptual works of photography, digital collage and embroidery.

Gadis Saksama started out as an initiative to self fund a trip for the national ice hockey girls tournament set in Abu Dhabi which has successfully covered most of the expenses.

The root of Gadis Saksama is on exploring alter egos, especially on the artist's and the women around, linking various ways the female energy can shape shift into.

Printed out finalized edits that are then embellished and added with other overlays.

The project upon further pursuit grew to become a manner of observation to understanding the connection to the social background in the generation of youths in Malaysia today.

Turning into an interactive online workshop that enlists the participants to photograph themselves and random objects as the visual material in the making of the collage, which will be composed by the artist, Dhan. The final collage is then printed on a tote bag and embellished for the participant.

Collage Works from Gadis Saksama Project

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